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  • November 22, 2022
  • 13 MIN READ

Oxygen Builder Review 2022: A Complete Page Builder?

~Written By Dhruvi Master

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For Oxygen Builder Review, I would say, Oxygen Builder is a complete WYSIWYG site builder – and is beyond a simple page builder. Also known as, Drag and Drop Website Builder.

Oxygen Builder is a Plugin for WordPress, with extremely powerful functionalities, and Works with “Divs”, “Column”, and other “Codespeak” elements.

Even Elementor and Divi Builder, the strongest page builders in the world, are like tiny babies in front of Oxygen Builder.

Oxygen Builder - Twin Babies Falling Giphy

Yes, We are using this Gipfy; to give you a clear picture of the situation.

So, Is Oxygen Builder worth all this hype? And Is it beneficial for you to Adopt it?

Well, that’s what we’ll be learning in this article. So, KEEP READING through this Oxygen Builder Review!

1. What is Oxygen Builder?

Oxygen Builder – A Complete Page Builder; But Not just a Page Builder.

Soflyy built Oxygen Builder. Oxygen Builder can be said as same site builder as its competitors; Elementor Pro and Divi.

But as I told you earlier that Oxygen Builder is unique than its competitors; Elementor and Divi. What is the difference then? The Difference is that; You do not need any theme to work with Oxygen Builder. Sounds Exciting, Right?

It's Happening Giphy

But WordPress needs a theme to work, so technically you’ll still need a theme for your website. And when you’ll activate Oxygen Builder, Theme Styles and Layouts will not affect your website design, as only Oxygen will have control over the design part.

That's not happening Giphy

Apart from that, Oxygen Builder is very much popular for Cleaner, Leaner, and Faster code. In simple, speed is the factor where all the other Page Builders get criticized. And That’s where Oxygen Wins.

Oxygen Builder allows you to customize all of your website elements; including the Header, Body, and Footer of the web page.

Now, If we talk about customizing the header with any other Page Builder, you’ll need to use dozens of CSS Lines to get it done. But when it comes to Oxygen Builder, its Native Header Overlay and Sticky Header Support will help you implement any header of your choice without writing any custom code. And You’ll see this difference clearly when you’ll work with other Page Builders.

In addition to being a very convenient Website Builder, Oxygen Builder is quite complicated and Non-Developers will have a difficult time using it to its full potential.

It’s the best website builder with extremely complex functionalities that allow experienced web developers and designers to create amazing sites.

And It’s not so recommended for Non-Developers/Non-Techies.

2. How does Oxygen Builder work? OR Oxygen Builder Features

  • Oxygen is of course way different than its competitors, but it also provides most of the features provided by its competitors.
  • The Drag and Drop Feature; With Oxygen Builder you can Drag any element edges in order to adjust Spacing. Or can even Drag and Drop to Re-order.
  • Oxygen Builder allows you to Get visual/customizing control of every part of your WooCommerce store. (Elementor and Divi also allow you to do this.)
  • If you’re not in the mood to build a Web page from Scratch, there are options for Ready-Made Templates.
  • With the Global Colors feature of Oxygen Builder, You can customize or change color in one space, and the change will affect everywhere the color has been used.
  • With Oxygen, You can get a live preview of any modifications/additions made by you to your content.
  • To add content to your website, you can use a variety of modules, such as; titles, buttons, photos, calls to action, and so on.
  • Conditional logic can be used to display only particular elements of your website.
  • With the WordPress content editor(Gutenberg), Oxygen is integrated. Without knowing any code, you can construct your Gutenberg blocks in the Oxygen interface and add them with a few mouse clicks on the Gutenberg interface.
  • Allows you to create custom website headers visually, which include sticky and overlay headers.

3. Pros and Cons of Oxygen Builder:

Pros of Oxygen BuilderCons of Oxygen Builder
Highly Flexible for Technical PersonsHighly Rigid for Non-technical Persons
Extremely Powerful FunctionalitiesNot compatible with some third-party plugins
Affordable Price
Great Modules and Templates
Provides Complete Control over Site

4. How to install Oxygen Builder?

As we know, Oxygen Builder is just a Paid Plugin. And you can not find it in the official directory of WordPress. And same as other paid plugins you need to sign up on the official website of Oxygen and Download it.

So without any further ado, sign up for Oxygen Builder’s Official Website, and Download it.

Now, for Installing the Oxygen page builder, All you need to do is navigate to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin > Choose File and select the Oxygen Page Builder zip file that you downloaded from their official website. Once you upload the plugin, click Install Now and Activate Plugin.

A pop-up Welcome screen will appear once you activate the plugin and it will ask you to select your Oxygen installation type.

The Oxygen page builder offers pre-made websites where you can simply import demo content and designs from its library. Additionally, it provides a blank installation with a simple website structure and style.

Oxygen Builder Review - Oxygen builder Installation

The Plugin Developers recommend using a “Premade Website.” but you can choose as per your requirements. And easily install the one you require.

5. Oxygen Builder Major Features Overview

(1) The Global Feature:

These 4 Global Options by Oxygen Builder help you apply general settings for the entire website in a few clicks.

Global Colors:

With global colors, you can change color once and have your changes applied to all places where color has been used on your website. You can easily set Global Colors from Manage >>> Settings >>> Global Styles >>> Global Colors.

Global Fonts:

The Creator of Oxygen Builder knows how tiring it is to go and apply the same fonts on different web pages.

And as a solution they have built a Global Fonts Feature, to help you set the font on each individual element, and allow you to set fonts globally from Manage >>> Settings >>> Global Styles >>> Global Fonts.

In Short, it’s the same as Global Colors but with Fonts this time. And Yes, Oxygen builder allows you access to all Google Fonts.

Page Width:

When you’ll install Oxygen, The default page size will be 1120px.

And you can easily change it from Manage >>> Settings >>> Global Styles >>> Width & Breakpoints. And after that, all the pages on the website will use this same Width unless a custom width is specified for that specific page or the template used to render it. when you’re looking to specify the size in pixels for each page differently; Go to Settings >>> Page Settings >>> Page Width Menu.

Header Builder:

Oxygen’s this Feature allows you to build your custom header for your website to display it on all pages. It even allows you to design different headers for different web pages. A good thing about Header Builders is that it has Responsive settings, which allow you to customize the looks of the header for all devices.

And it’s your choice whether looking to fix your Header with Sticky Headers to the scroll or Make it transparent to fit the background image. You can easily choose any option with a single click.

(2) Gutenberg Builder Integration:

Basically, Gutenberg is a WordPress Block Editor. Gutenberg divides your content into several blocks that may be added, sorted, and styled in accordance with your needs. It is quicker, simpler, and more effective than a page builder and does not require any coding skills at all.

Additionally, Gutenberg integration is made feasible through Oxygen Builder. You can use any Oxygen design as a Gutenberg block. So, you have the option to create blocks, edit the content, and link URLs. Oxygen distinguishes itself from its rivals by offering the option to design a unique Gutenberg block arrangement. Through the import/export tool, you can even reuse the blocks on other websites.

(3) Powerful Layout Controls:

Oxygen Builder’s Flexbox Layout engine allows you to align whatever layout you want to use. Additionally, you may quickly shift between the vertical and horizontal layouts and elements, in place of columns.

Using Flexbox layout, You can specify the layout of your page using Sections, Columns, and Divisions. Additionally, oxygen has given a simple adjustment setting to change the element’s size and shape, just drag the sides. which has great user-friendliness.

Then, using the layout controls provided by Oxygen, you can insert your content for headings, text, videos, and more within these elements.

(4) Ready-to-use Templates Library:

Other than Oxygen Builder, employing Page Builders has the advantages of not requiring coding expertise to build with them, saving you time when designing, and offering a wide selection of Site or Page Templates to use for virtually all niches.

Additionally, if you’re switching from any Third-party Page Builder to Oxygen Builder, you must be finding pre-built pages, sections, websites, or design sets to use with Oxygen Builder. As only 10–18 basic designs are available in Oxygen Builder for your project. Which is insufficient to finish the project.

There are hundreds of design sets available when we compare Oxygen to Divi and Elementor Builder, which is obviously more convenient.

We must also acknowledge that Oxygen Builder is the only place where we can design the Impressive and elegant website we dream of.

Still, it’s disappointing that there aren’t many design options.

(5) Code Cleanliness:

The code produced by Oxygen is clean and Small. As I previously said, Oxygen Builder takes control of your WordPress theme; the code complexity drops to a low level, ensuring cleaner code.

Single lines of code are displayed by Oxygen, and code blocks are displayed by Elementor. The approach employed by Oxygen Builder in this case is more practical than Elementor (one of the most used Page Builders for WordPress). Reduced lines of code guarantee quicker loading times, simpler indexing, and overall excellent performance.

(6) WooCommerce Integration:

We must appreciate Oxygen Builder for offering the most advanced WooCommerce integration.

In order to use Oxygen’s WooCommerce integration, you must have Oxygen, WooCommerce, and Oxygen’s WooCommerce Integration add-on installed.

It will provide you the freedom to customize each and every aspect of your website as you see fit.

Only the Ultimate and Oxygen + Breakdance packages come with the WooCommerce Packages, which turn on the Oxygen Elements for the WooCommerce plugin automatically.

For this, Oxygen provides more than 20 modules to customize your store’s products as well as WooCommerce’s default pages (My Account, Payment, and Shopping Cart).

6. How Important it is to use Oxygen Builder:

Clean Code is an essential component to make or break your website. You may have a typical blogging website, but the most important thing is to have clean code. And Oxygen Builder is the only choice to own a Clean Coded website.

And if you’re looking for some elegant designs, smooth transitions, or animations, Oxygen Builder is the only one to help you achieve it with Cleaner Code.

Furthermore, Oxygen has a benefit over all other website builders since it loads fewer components that are necessary for your designs; each time someone visits your web page.

Builders like Elementor load all of your material from your library, including animation styles, icon libraries, motion effects, slider scripts, and other things. And not even 10% of that will be used by your visitors.

This graph compares the quantity of CSS and JavaScript that Beaver Builder, Divi, Oxygen, and Elementor load by default on blank sites.

Oxygen Builder Review - Comparing beaver Builder, Oxygen Builder, Divi, Elementor

Now you must have a clear understanding of the significance of Oxygen Builder. let’s move ahead to another point of Oxygen Builder Review.

7. Oxygen Builder Pricing:

Oxygen Buidler Review - Oxygen builder Pricing Plan

In all businesses, monthly or annual subscriptions are the most common options. However, Oxygen Builder has unique subscription plans. Excluding the worry of renewing subscriptions on a monthly or annual basis, Oxygen Builder allows you to pay once and enjoy its benefits for a lifetime along with free upgrades and support.

Special Beautiful Giphy

It’s also true that no other page builder offers a pricing structure that is as straightforward and practical as Oxygen Builders’, It allows you to alter headers, footers, 404 error pages, and other pages for a single fee.

And if it seems typical to you, let me remind you that Oxygen Builder has lifetime access while the majority of Page Builders require subscriptions with monthly payments.

Basically, Oxygen Builder offers 3 Pricing Plans, Which are;

(1) Basic ($129)
(2) Ultimate ($149)
(3) Oxygen + Breakdance ($149)

Keep in mind that the makers of Oxygen(Soflyy) also offer Breakdance, another page builder, for the same price ($149). It is highly useful to beginners.

Additionally, Oxygen Builder doesn’t offer a free demo or free-trial period. Which are required to, at least learn what oxygen does without having to pay any money.

But when we take into their 60-day money-back guarantee, their price structure is excellent.

Like the Flagship Model.

8. Final Words on Oxygen Builder Review:

Oxygen has done an outstanding job in establishing a reputation in the WordPress page builder community. It’s best for you to use Oxygen Builder if you are proficient in CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

Since Oxygen Builder has a steep learning curve, getting started with it might not be easier for beginners. However, we must acknowledge that Oxygen Builder is like a god-gifted plugin for experienced or technical users; as the quality provided by Oxygen can not be found elsewhere.

In Particular, Oxygen Builder is made for those with technical expertise in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

and our Oxygen Builder Review only concludes that for those Brands and Businesses seeking to stand out in the market, Oxygen Builder would be a fantastic choice. Additionally, the people who are looking to leave behind the worries of Monthly or Yearly subscriptions; oxygen is a great choice for them as it requires a one-time payment for lifetime access along with free updates and support.

Oxygen is a strong candidate on the list of top WordPress Page Builders / Site Builders when talking about all of its features & functionalities. the one whose level of achievement will only gradually rise.

And you should definitely adopt Oxygen Builder if you’re good at CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Even if you’re not familiar with coding and technologies, you can always contact our WordPress Developers to work with you.

We loved writing this Oxygen Builder Review, and all we hope is that you’ve also find our Oxygen Builder Review to be exciting and informative.

Thanks for reading!

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