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Oxygen Builder Review 2022: A Complete Page Builder?

For Oxygen Builder Review, I would say, Oxygen Builder is a complete WYSIWYG site builder – and is beyond a simple page builder. Also known as, Drag and Drop Website Builder. Oxygen Builder is a Plugin for WordPress, with extremely powerful functionalities, and Works with “Divs”, “Column”, and other “Codespeak”…

How to Set Up and Manage Multiple Shopify Stores

Before we start on How to Set Up and Manage Multiple Shopify Stores, Let’s Discuss; How many stores can you create with one Shopify Account?  And the answer is ONE. However, You can create any number of Shopify Stores you want with one Email Address. Using the same Email Credentials,…

Top 9 Shopify Statistics and Facts you need to know in 2022

Welcome to Shopify Statistics! In 2004, Friends Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake were looking to launch a website called Snowdevil to start selling Snowboarding Gear online. But the available eCommerce platforms didn’t match their requirement, and Lütke, a computer programmer, decided to create his own e-commerce platform, and…