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  • September 26, 2022
  • 10 MIN READ

Magento Development Agency VS Magento Freelancer: What is the Best Choice?

~Written By Dhruvi Master

eCommerce Magento 2 Web Development

Looking to hire Magento Developer but confused about whom to hire, Magento Development Agency? OR Magento Freelancers?

Tough Choice, I know!

But don’t worry, just read out this article and you’ll be left with the best solution 😉

Shall we start then?

Ok, Let’s go

The Topics we will be discussing are:

Why Do You Need A Magento Developer?

To start with it, You must first learn what Magento Development is. Even before that, you need to be familiar with the features of this well-known e-commerce platform. Due to its advantages, Magento has become one of the most popular solutions among developers and retailers.

Magento makes it possible to build fully functional and visually appealing web storefronts that make your jaw drop.

In fact, a ¼ of all e-commerce websites are created on the Magento platform, which is not surprising at all as it is the most adaptable and feature-rich e-commerce platform in the market and is the best suit for any type of business niche.

Magento Development is a Long process containing a broad range of tasks and technical abilities. From Installing and Configuring your Magento store from scratch to Developing Magento Themes and Customized Features, Optimizing Store Speed, Upgrading your store to the Newest Version, Migrating from another platform, and more.

You should seek professional assistance whether you wish to stick with the default theme and basic settings or want bespoke installs, themes, or extensions. In this way, the Magento development Agency or Magento Freelancer chosen by you will determine the amount of success your online business will experience.

It is preferable for Magento Store Owner to assign development work to experts and concentrate on the company’s business strategy. This will enable you to outperform your rivals and increase sales.

What Are The Roles & Responsibilities Of A Magento Developer? OR What Magento Developers Do?

Magento developers specialize in building and maintaining eCommerce websites using Magento 1x and 2x frameworks. Every online store has its own unique requirements. Hence, the Responsibility of the Magento Developer keeps changing from project to project.

But there are some basic tasks for Magento Developer which are necessary to set up an Online Store. The Roles and Responsibilities of a Magento developer include:

  • Magento theme integration and make it responsive
  • Coding the templates
  • Creating modules and customizing them
  • Product and Categories data import
  • Magento settings configuration
  • Creating new CMS pages
  • Testing website performance
  • Updating security patches
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Shipping method integration
  • Magento Version Upgrade
  • Installing Extensions
  • SEO-friendly implementation
  • Troubleshooting interface issues
  • API integration
  • Deployment
  • Post-launch support

Factors to Consider While Hiring Magento Developers:

The process of creating a Magento Store is difficult and requires a high level of technical expertise. Therefore, it is usually advised to collaborate with a Professional Magento Developer while building your eCommerce website.

To make sure, you don’t hire an incompatible Magento Developer, Here are some factors to consider while hiring Magento Developers.

  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Portfolio
  • Industry knowledge
  • Knowledge of a variety of programming languages
  • How long have they been in business?
  • When the project is live, will they still support and maintain it?
  • Can they make Magento Stores Mobile-Friendly?
  • What resources do they employ for communication and project management?
  • Do they provide minor updates and bug fixes for free?
  • Do they communicate promptly and transparently?
  • Do they offer prompt assistance for rush jobs?

Magento Development Agency VS Magento Freelancers: Pros & Cons:

Magento Freelancers’ prices are cheaper than agencies. However, the drawback of hiring Magento Freelancers is that you’ll have to give up on timeliness and dependability. In contrast, if you Hire a Magento Development Agency, an entire team will be assigned to your project.

Additionally, hiring a freelance Magento development team or agency is a wise investment in terms of project development efficiency.

Depending on whether you select a Magento Development Agency or a Magento Freelancer, the development budget will change. the price is influenced by both quality and expertise. You will pay more for a Magento Development Agency with extensive expertise, and vice versa.

Before concluding on any thought, You should weigh the Pros and Cons of Hiring a Magento development agency or freelance Magento developers.

Magento Development Agency:

However, Magento Agencies and Magento Freelancers both create the same content, there are some variations between the two services. Here are some Pros and Cons of working with a Magento Development Agency.

Pros of Hiring Magento Development Agency:

  • While Hiring Magento Development Agency you can collaborate with a team of certified, Experienced, and skilled Magento developers.
  • An Agency Developer will have regular experience working on eCommerce projects. Additionally, they will quickly resolve any significant issues with your website.
  • They will be more skilled in developing custom eCommerce websites.
  • Magento Development Agencies often have all the resources a project would need, in addition to the newest equipment and technology.
  • To oversee the project and interact with you, a dedicated project manager will be hired by the agency.
  • Like us, the majority of Magento Development Agencies provide post-launch support.
  • Before starting a project, skilled Magento Developers will create a comprehensive plan. They carefully analyze their competitors and are knowledgeable about the major customer demands. As a result, the work process will be quicker and clearer.
  • By creating a visually appealing website design or implementing user-friendly functionality, they employ the most cutting-edge tools.
  • Due to the size of their development team, they are able to complete the task on time and at a high standard.
  • Agencies often employ standardized quality control, which means that supervisors are in charge of overseeing the process. As a consequence, there’s a lower likelihood that your job will be delayed.
  • Magento Development Agencies such as us are always updated with recent development trends and advancements in the industry.

Cons of Hiring Magento Development Agency:

  • May the Project Manager have a unique approach or style that isn’t ideal for your company.
  • Some Agencies are not willing to do extra work outside of contracts without additional compensation.
  • Although many organizations provide support 24 x 7, the response to any issue sometimes gets delayed since they need to provide you with an accurate answer. The reason is that an agency oversees several individuals, so getting in touch with the team members who are actually working on your project might take little time.

Magento Freelancer:

Freelancers working for Magento are Independent Workers, not affiliated with any Magento Development companies or Agencies. As many people prefer independent work, here are some advantages and disadvantages of hiring independent Magento freelancers instead of hiring an agency.

Pros of Hiring Magento Freelancers:

  • Freelancers work independently, therefore hiring them is often less expensive than entering into a contract with an agency because there is no third party controlling their pay.
  • If you have a small project or are looking to add some new features to your existing store, Magento Freelancers is your best bet.
  • The majority of Magento Freelancers have expertise in a certain area of Magento Development. If your needs align with their abilities, they can successfully accomplish the best results for your project.
  • On platforms like Upwork or Freelancer, you may find Magento Freelancers with extensive expertise, and you can also save money because of currency differences.
  • Since the freelancers working on your project will be working directly on it, there is a significant probability that your work will be completed before or on time.

Cons of Hiring Magento Freelancers:

  • As Freelancers are not attached to any agency and do not work under any contract and lack a formal structure, there are no chances that they will complete your project or will disappear in the middle of work.
  • Working with Freelancers also entails chances of leakage of your project.
  • There can be Communication Delays as only one person will be managing your whole project, in case the freelancer is unreachable you’ll have no one to clear your doubts.
  • Magento Development Agencies provide the best results in order to maintain market reputation, but the same thing may not go with Independent Freelance Developers.
  • Sometimes, Freelancers promise more than their expertise and capabilities of doing so. Just in the influence of getting work on their side.
  • A potential downside to hiring Magento Freelancers is that they lack supervision, unlike an agency.
  • Magento Freelancers don’t have proper working hours, this can hit you hard in case you’ve any urgent task that needs to be done ASAP.

Looking to hire the best Magento Development Agency/Freelancer for your project?

The majority of individuals will make a Google Search for Best Magento Development Agency or Magento Freelancer in their area.

That’s okay; it’s in no way incorrect. However, you are aware that Google will return thousands of results.

Which will ultimately confuse you. And it will be even difficult for you to make sensible decisions. You can follow the following steps if you don’t want to fall into this confusion 🙂

First, begin with deciding what skills and capabilities you are looking for in a Magento Developer.

Before searching for a Magento Development Agency OR a Freelance Magento Developer, you must be very clear about your requirements. Once you are done with that, you can move on to the next step. Which is finding a Magento Developer.

You can Hire Magento Freelancer in case you’re running with a few minor concerns, but it is advised to Hire a Magento Development Agency if you have major difficulties with your website or need continuous support and maintenance.

A Magento Agency can help you best in terms of experience, team working, extensive tech skills, speed of work, and more.

In short, whether to hire a Magento Freelancer or Magento Development Agency relies entirely on your requirements. However, if your project is large, stick with a Magento development agency.

It takes a large team of Magento Developers to ensure the quality of your complex project. This will result in Efficiency, Lesser Time In Project Completion, and better financial investments.

Your project budget will also affect whether you choose a freelancer or a Magento development Agency; if you have a big-sized budget, you should solely rely on agencies. And even with a moderate budget, you can find a reliable Magento Development Agency with highly skilled developers.

Additionally, if your project has a limited budget, you might choose a Magento Freelancer. Here, you may do your task while saving money.


In the end, we would only say that advantage of Hiring a Magento eCommerce Development Agency is that the group of experienced developers will work on your project to drive it towards success.

In the end, teamwork will leave efficient and high-quality results on your website. While choosing a freelancer can affect the quality of your project.

The only disadvantage of working with an agency is that your budget needs to be higher, but as we know that a better investment will provide the best ROI, we should opt for an agency.

And if you need a Magento Developer for some small works on your website then it’s better to hire a Freelancer Developer, where you’ll get your work done with a lower amount of money.

May this blog have answered your query on who is the best choice, Magento Freelancers or Magento Development Agencies.

And if you still have any questions, don’t forget to ask them in the comment section below. We’re eager to hear from you!

Additionally, Check this Blog for Magento 2 Statistics and Facts, We found it interesting, And we guess you’ll feel the same 😉

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